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With classic Swiss attention to quality, each Swiss Development Group property offers the combination of a highly desirable location, architectural distinction, and exceptional amenities. The company’s unrelenting focus on detail ensures stunning results and superior quality.


RE Estates

RE Estates, the exclusive agency for the sale of SDG residences, also represents sellers of select properties in Switzerland and abroad. Please contact RE Estates at +41 22 544 80 00 or at info@sdg.ch



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Switzerland's Contribution to the History of Art and Design

Despite its size and outside influences, landlocked Switzerland is a patriotic country that appreciates its rich cultural history. With proximity to grand European capitals and its spectacular mountainous landscape, Switzerland became a hub for a wealth of international artists in the 19th Century who in turn inspired the creativity of the Swiss population and aided in the formation of Switzerlands artistic identity. Although a relatively small number of Swiss artists have become internationally famous, those recognized on a global scale have gone on to influence not only artists in their respective fields but also the modern creative world.


Experience the Luxury of Service at Du Parc Kempinski Private Residences

Residents of Du Parc benefit from an idyllic location on the shores of Lake Geneva, unparalleled alpine views, and homes which harmoniously intertwine traditional ornate architecture with chic and stylish décor. However, here at Swiss Development Group, we believe in offering more to residents than bricks and mortar and as such, life at Du Parc is underpinned by a vital component: an exceptional team of staff.